Thursday, April 21

eggs, eggs, and more eggs

Today was the day to stuff and dye Easter eggs.
We stuffed 3 dozen plastic eggs for the upcoming Easter egg hunt at Nana's, then dyed 3 dozen (minus one or two that broke in the pan) for the next hour or so.
We pulled out the Christmas table and then dove in.
We had:
10 colors
3 egg scoopers
1 magic crayon (that nobody found until we were down to three eggs)
1 mom sitting on the floor passing out eggs
2 kids dyeing eggs
3 people with stained fingers
2 eggs thrown away
1 really cracked egg the kids wouldn't let me throw away
34 beautiful eggs
1 hour of fantastic fun!
Miss Pink liked to see how quickly she could get the eggs colored.
Mr. Orange preferred to let them soak.
For 10 minutes.
He was a color hog.
Just ask Miss Pink.
If you ask me, we should color eggs all year long.
The kids always have sooo much fun!

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