Friday, March 18

Secret Project

Have you met Ana White?  Well, you should.  Or maybe you shouldn't.  I was wondering if I should have in mid-December.  Remember the secret projects I was working on? (If you need a refresher, you can go here, or here.)  I finally remembered that I had never posted any pictures.  So here you are...

The kids have lots of dress up clothes - gotta love Target after Halloween!!! - and when I found this plan I knew I needed to build it for the kids.
I also found this other plan that I thought was perfect!

My dad and I spent a Friday night picking out wood and a Saturday sawing, sanding, and using every other power tool we could get out hands on.  It was freeeeeezing cold outside, but we did it.  I am so proud of the way they turned out.  The kids love them.  I can't wait to do more of the projects on her site.  I have a long, long, very long list of things I want to build.  And I will, it will just take time.

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seth.geri.hazel said...

curse that Ana!


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