Friday, March 18

hide & seek

Mr. Orange slept over at D's house on Thursday night.  They had been looking forward to the sleepover since last Thursday when D slept over here.  When my sister brought Mr. Orange back home I got a brief recap of the evening/day that he spent there.  It went something like this:
I had a lot of fun.
I had asparagus soup for dinner.  (His favorite!)
We watched Ninja Turtles.
We played hide and seek.
Aunt K. took us for a walk.
Stop asking me questions about it!

After being home for all of 10 minutes, Mr. Orange asked if we could play hide and seek.  I counted first.  Miss Pink hid under her blanket on the living room floor and Mr. Orange disappeared.  When I was finished counting I started to "look" for Miss Pink in the piano bench, dishwasher, oven, her boots, all of the standard places she would hide.  {wink}  I "tripped" on her on my way to look for her by the couch.  She giggled like crazy and then the two of went to find Mr. Orange.

We looked in the office, his bedroom, her bedroom, behind the shower curtain and then I opened up the linen closet.  I looked down at the blankets, where he usually hides, and couldn't see him.  I started to close the door and looked up and SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!

Can you see him?
Here's a closer look.  I was NOT expecting his eyeballs to be peering down at me from the top of the closet.  We all had a good laugh.
He's just skinny enough to scale the shelves with the closet door closed.
I didn't realize he was such a climber.
Nothing is safe in the house anymore.
I'm pretty sure I sprouted 4 more gray hairs when I started to scream.

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mommaquincy said...

Great pictures! Nice to learn a new game!


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