Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter


We had to get up early to see if the Easter Bunny had come to our house.  (Gotta love 9 a.m. church!)  He spoiled the kids, once again.

As is tradition, their baskets were full of things church-related.  This year they each got a book that they can read (My First Articles of Faith and Sacrament Time) at church.  Miss Pink got a magnetic Noah's Ark and Mr. Orange got a magnetic Book of Mormon stories activity.  They also got a big Bible stories coloring book and another activity book with quiet games and coloring pages about the Book of Mormon.  Maybe the Easter Bunny heard that the kids have been having a hard time during Sacrament Meeting lately.  Oh, and they each got some new underpants.

Believe it or not, the kids were really good about eating only one piece of candy before church.  We had breakfast, bathed the kids, got ready, and made it to church 2 minutes late, which is pretty much on time for us.

After church I made the kids come outside with me so I could take a few pictures of them in their Easter clothes.  Mr. Orange was THRILLED!  He literally flew outside and sat down with a big smile on his face.  Okay, not quite.  There may have been tears, bribes and Mr. Blue jumping up and down behind me to get the pictures taken.  It was completely overcast.  Too bad Mr. Blue couldn't work a bit of magic to make the sun come out.  Maybe next year.

Mr. Orange did find his happy face.

Miss Pink needed a moment to dance and twirl around the backyard.

I told you he found his happy face.
It had probably gone on a quick vacation to Alaska, or Hawaii, or somewhere other than here.
I'm glad it came back!

The rest of the day was spent eating really yummy food, doing several egg hunts in the backyard, and spending time with one another.

I am so grateful for this time of year so that I can reflect up on the life of the Savior.
I know the Savior lives.
I know that He loves me.
I know that He knows who I am.


seth.geri.hazel said...

Did you know it is totally ILLEGAL to have kids that stinkin' cute??? Please. I want to fly out, sneak them into a suitcase and fly home - all without your knowledge!

Stephanie said...

I love the pictures of your kids. Great job! Looks like a fun Easter at your house.


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