Saturday, April 23

a hunting we will go

It was that time again to head to my in-laws for their annual Easter egg hunt.  We arrived early and I went out with Uncle O to hide the eggs.  (He is a much better hider of eggs than I am.  I looked around and could easily see every egg that I had hid, but couldn't see any of his.  You really had to hunt for his eggs!)

A little while later everyone had arrived (about 60 people) and (what seemed like) a bajillion kids ran out, with Easter baskets in hand, to find their goodies.
Mr. Orange searched high and low and found a basketful of eggs.

Miss Pink and P in their matching dresses.
Miss Pink wanted to wear her jammies to the egg hunt.
I said No WAY!
She had on other clothes, but when she saw P in her pink polka dot dress she asked Nana if she could wear hers too.  (We had forgotten to take it home with us the week before.)

Easter Girl

Easter Boy
Hey, at least he isn't running away from the camera!

The Easter Bunny has ARRIVED!
(I think Mr. Blue is more excited than the kids.  What do you think?)

Speaking of rabbits, this group of kids seems to double every year.
(Uncle O was a great bunny!)

After the bunny went "home" the kids all played outside with Uncle O.  Not sure who was having more fun - the kids, or Uncle O.
We had Easter dinner with my in-laws on Saturday after the hunt.  All of Mr. Blue's siblings were in town, except one.  It was nice to be together.  We took a walk before dinner and threw rocks in the river.  It was such a beautiful day spent with friends and family.


seth.geri.hazel said...

Love Love Love IT! (Are those bandaids on Miss Pink's shins??)

Grant School PTO said...

Those pictures are funny and cute says Solenne. Graham is being tickled because he won't stop licking me. Gross. I am not a lollipop. Ok Graham actually says "jump in the river" which is what he would be doing if he were there.


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