Tuesday, April 5


My sister brought her kids over this afternoon.  While the kids played, my sister and I tackled the pile of clothes that I needed to take to Kid to Kid.  She helped me sort and organize the mound so that I could check that off my list.  Thank you!!

While we were sorting the kids came upstairs.  D was still in his regular clothes.  Mr. Orange was dressed in his lion costume and Miss Pink was dressed up as a lion.  They were busy looking at themselves in the mirror when my sister said, "Um, they have a Sharpie".  I turned around and Mr. Orange was putting whiskers on Miss Pink's face.  (He had already put whiskers and a nose on himself as you can see below.)  I put the Sharpie away but later D needed a triangle on his forehead.  Then Miss Pink wanted a heart on her belly button, then the boys needed dinosaurs on their tummies.  Then Miss Pink needed a dinosaur on her ankle.  I can see how people become addicted to tattoos.
D and Mr. Orange showing off their muscles
 Later I was making cookies and I looked outside.  D and Mr. Orange were "working out".  They would take turns holding each other's ankles while doing sit ups.  They also did pushups, pullups, and Mr. Orange's favorite exercise (below) from his tumbling class.
Kids are funny.
They are full of surprises.
I love that they are so full of imagination and wonder.
And that Mr. Orange had no problem going to music class later in the afternoon with whiskers on his face.

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