Wednesday, April 6


Yesterday Miss Pink and Mr. Orange dressed up in their old costumes.
This morning I asked Miss Pink to get ready for dance.
She came down, dressed like a lion, and said, "Mom!  I don't have paws!"
I was pretty sure that she had paws.  I could see them and pointed them out to her.
"No!" she said, pointing to her hands, "Lions have paws.  I don't have any paws and I need paws!"
 I asked her if she would like heart paws and she thought that sounded good.
I grabbed the Sharpie and gave her heart paws on her hands.
Then she told me she needed them on her feet too.
 I said I would draw paws on her feet too, and then that was it missy.
(She wanted three lines on her forehead...I told her TIGERS have lines on their foreheads, NOT lions.)
She was the happiest little lion on the planet and went to dance with a big smile on her face.

Sometimes I wonder if I am teaching my kids bad things by drawing paws on their hands and letting them go all over town dressed in crazy outfits.
Then I look at them and think, nope.

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