Friday, April 8

date night

Mr. Blue and I had a great date night tonight - only not with each other.
He took Mr. Orange on a date and I took Miss Pink out.
Here are the highlights:
Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange went to the Clarke Planetarium.
Mr. Orange loved the electricity ball,
the microscope,
and the balls that weave around the planetarium.
They were able to see Born to Be Wild.
Mr. Orange said it was AWESOME!
They also caught the tail end of one of the star shows.
Mr. Orange said it was pretty amazing to watch the screen on the ceiling.
He's our little science guy.
He came home with a model Hornet jet fighter.

Miss Pink and I started our evening off by painting our fingernails and her toenails.
Then we headed to Cafe Rio (her choice).
After dinner it was off to the mall to find her some new shoes.
We found some sandals at Crazy 8.
They have a sparkly gem on them and she calls them her Princess Shoes.
We rode the escalators,
wished in the fountain,
rode in the car (now she knows that these things work, what was I thinking??).
Our last stop was The Sweet Tooth Fairy for a yummy cupcake.
Miss Pink wanted a cupcake with sprinkles (my personal favorite is the raspberry lemonade cupcake).
She pulled lots of funny faces while she ate the frosting off the top.
We met the boys back at home and put Mr. Blue's plane together.
Then we watched an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Mr. Blue and I had a great time being with our kids one-on-one.
Both of them acted so grown up during the entire evening, they knew it was special.
It was special for Mr. Blue and me too.

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