Saturday, May 7


Mr. Blue and I both grew up here in Utah and have seen Kennecott from the freeway our entire lives.  For the past (almost) 6 years we have stared at it every day when we look out our back windows.  So why have we never been there?  We asked ourselves the same question and decided we needed to do it.  We loaded up the car and headed off to the mine.

The kids were totally excited.

Right after this picture was taken Miss Pink went from smiling and giggling to panicked in a matter of .3 seconds.  I kept trying to ask her what was wrong and she wouldn't talk to me.  Finally I figured out that there was a spider on her car seat right next to her water.  I was not about to get it so I told Mr. Blue to pull over NOW.  While he looked for a safe place to pull over, Miss Pink, Mr. Orange, and I kept a close eye on that sneaky spider.  We figure that it must have flown in when the windows were down.  Totally crazy, right?
The kids thought this tire was pretty awesome.
Can you believe the size of this thing?
Speaking of size, the mine is ginormous.  If you ever have a chance, you should go and see it.  It's pretty amazing.

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