Friday, May 6

detox - day 6

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Day 6 of the detox.
Up until today, I have been pretty much okay with everything (except for celery - I allowed myself to absolutely refuse one item) in the menu plan.
This morning, however, DANDELION GREENS just didn't sound that appealing.
I really hate dandelions.
If you want to know why, come take a look at my backyard.
I bought a bunch earlier in the week (thinking, I shouldn't have sprayed the ones growing in my backyard.  They would have been free!), so I figured I better eat them before they went bad and into the blender they went with some fruit.
The first sip, not so bad.
The second, not so bad.
The third, I was done.
I kept drinking and I finished it.
I had to brush my teeth right after.
Lunch was really appetizing too.
Have you ever had a smoothie with a whole head of Boston lettuce (the big live head, not the itty bitty head) in it?
I have, but only because I made this smoothie last week.
Somehow it wasn't as bad last week.
Might have something to do with NOT having dandelion greens in my smoothie for breakfast before drinking the lettuce smoothie last week.
I don't know.
Let's just say I was glad I "had" to go to dinner tonight to celebrate my brother-in-law's graduation.
Gave me a reason to eat something delicious.
Before you think I completely fell off the detox wagon, lemme tell you I was really good, and I could have fallen way, way, way off the wagon.
I ate a really yummy blood orange salad.
I ate Mr. Blue's asparagus off his plate.
I tasted the desserts.
There you have it.
Only 15 more days to go.
Gross smoothies and all, I really do feel great.
No, but for real I do.

Why are green smoothies good for you?  Click here.

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Kellie Openshaw said...

My red leaf lettuce smoothie is sitting on the counter looking at me. I have drunk about 1/4 of it.

I am planning on a big cabbage and bok choy salad this afternoon - smoothies be darned!

I am also pretty sure that next week there will NOT - I repeat NOT - be any lettuce in any of my smoothies. Spinach, chard, collards, kale...anything but lettuce.


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