Friday, May 13

the pool

We have been having a few "behavioral problems" at our house lately.  We brought the star jars back out and the kids were able to choose what they wanted to earn.  We thought of a few different things and then the kids said they wanted a pool for the backyard.  Perfect.  I gave them a short timeline to fill their jars up in and they worked so hard!

We spent the morning cleaning up and getting vegetables at the garden center.  Then it was off to Target.

The kids looked at every single pool they had before settling on this one.
We came home and they were SO excited to set it up.  We had to wait THREE looooong hours for the lawn guys to make it to our backyard so we could finally set it up.  Gotta love townhome livin'!  The kids spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.
 So I'm pretty sure that the slide is going to rip the pool in about two weeks.

 (I love those goggles!)


seth.geri.hazel said...

Love it. I need to pick one up soon
(last year I tried at the end of July and couldn't find one ANYWHERE!)

PS- totally thought Z and Miss Pink had the same swimsuit (again), but alas, Z's is a bit different. Too funny!

Love your kids. And you :)

mommaquincy said...

They are sure going to get their money's worth in those 2 weeks! Such cuties!

karen said...

i would be surprised if they had the same suit this year. miss pink's is from kid to kid.


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