Wednesday, December 14

Chiming In

I was picking Miss Pink up from a neighbor's house the other day after I picked up Mr. Orange from school.  My neighbor and I were talking about habits like popping knuckles, biting nails, etc.  She told me of someone she knew who would pick the dry skin off their feet and then eat it.  (ICK!)

Mr. Orange was sitting on the stairs and that caught his attention.

Then he says, "Well, I eat my boogers, and they taste gooooooood."
(This is more than a pick, it's more like a buffet.)
Gotta love honesty.

1 comment:

Kortney Val and Joy Lynne said...

dang, i've missed your blog soooo much. it pretty much equals how much i've missed you and your fam :) hopefully I'll get to see you over Christmas!!! I'll be in touch . . . .


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