Monday, December 26


At 7:15 I rolled over and asked Mr. Blue if he thought we should wake the kids up.  Then I heard footsteps on the stairs and Miss Pink ran into her room and threw herself on her bed.  She couldn't wait and took a peek.  We woke up Mr. Orange, who in his sleepy voice said, "I forgot it was Christmas!!"
We went downstairs, and PHEW! Santa had come!

Santa gave Miss Pink a dollhouse with some accessories...
And Santa gave Mr. Orange a...
He was beside himself!
He has been wanting this ship for a very, very, very, very long time.
Thank you Santa!

After presents were unwrapped, we threw on our church clothes and went to church.  You have got to love 9 a.m. church on Christmas morning!  We made it and the program was really nice.  What a great way to spend Christmas morning.  When the program was over we headed to my parents.

We ate loads of waffles, visited with each other, and opened presents.  The kids each got a few books, toys, and sleds.  Now if we could just get it to snow here, they might be able to use them...  It was wonderful to spend time with my family, but then it was time to head to Mr. Blue's parents to spend time with his family.
photo from father-in-law
 We opened presents and ate a delicious dinner.
photos from father-in-law
 The kids each chose a partner for their scavenger hunt.  Mr. Orange chose Uncle O and Miss Pink chose Mr. Blue.  After the scavenger hunt Miss Pink read stories with Papa and her cousin.
photos from father-in-law
We're not sure who started the pillow fight.
The kids, or Uncle O.
photo from father-in-law
Later that night we talked with faraway family.
The kids loved talking to their cousins.
Then they discovered Photobooth...
photos from photobooth
Merry Christmas!!

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mommaquincy said...

What a funfilled day!


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