Friday, January 6

Christmas Break

We had so much fun during the Christmas break.  Mr. Blue had family here from out of town so we spent time with them, went to some movies, played, and just had fun.  Christmas decor tried to make through the New Year but by the 29th I was done.  It all came down and I was glad to see some empty spaces again.  I hardly got my camera out at all, but here are a few pics from the break.
picture by father in law
Mr. Orange took his new pirate ship down to Nana and Papa's to show Papa.  It kept him pretty entertained.  We finally had to make him play with it in the music room so that we could lock him in and lock the cousins out.  :)
One of Mr. Orange's favorite things to do is to build train tracks with his Papa.  I'm actually not sure who has more fun building the tracks - Mr. Orange or Papa.  This time Miss Pink was able to get in on the action.
picture by father in law
One of the days we were feeling super cooped up so we headed to Airborne.  The kids had a blast.  I'll admit, I think Mr. Blue and I might need a date night there so that we can have a turn jumping.

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