Sunday, January 8

Happy New Year!

This might sound totally lame, but we had the best time here at home to celebrate the New Year.  Last year we went to my parent's house and had a blast.  This year we had thought about inviting some of our neighbors over, but Mr. Blue was feeling a little sick so we decided to do it on our own.

We decided to make personal pizzas so I whipped out my wheat pizza crust recipe and things were going well with the crust for about 2 minutes until it decided to turn hard.  I rolled it out as flat as I could and had Mr. Blue call The Pie for an order of cheese bread and decided that we were going to eat these pizzas!  We put the pizzas in the oven and I started to get some clementine/tangerine ice cream going.  Things were off to a great start.  Well, a pretty good start, I still wasn't sure how the pizza would turn out.  The pizza was actually pretty good and nobody ate the cheese bread.  Yeah.  So glad I panicked.  :)

After dinner it was time to pull out some of the new games the kids got for Christmas.  First up - Perfection.
The kids and Mr. Blue took a few turns doing it together.  I cracked my knuckles, did some neck rolls, and told them to move out of the way.  Mama was ready to beat that timer.  My first try (I hadn't even looked at the "game board" and I did not play this game as a child) Mr. Blue sat next to me yelling things like, "No!!!  Not there!  I can't believe you are going to put that piece there!!!"  You get the idea.  I was being heckled.  Known to my family as "Ice Water" I let the ice water course through my viens, took a big deep breath, and beat that timer with .01 seconds to spare.

Knowing I could do better I stretched my arms, jogged in place, and did a few more stretches.  I got into position, Mr. Orange flipped the timer switch and I was off.  The heckling went up about 32 notches this round, but guess who beat Perfection with 18 seconds to spare on her SECOND try?  Oh, yeah, that's right, I did.  Thankyouverymuch!!

Mr. Blue decided it was his turn to show us his stuff.
I had a little help heckling.  Guess who cracked big time under the pressure?  Yep.  Mr. Blue.  Sorry buddy, you went down big time.
Mr. Blue didn't like my trash talking.  (Have I ever mentioned that I am a competitive game player??)  So we played Monkeys in a Tree (or something like that).
The kids and I went to the store earlier in the day to get some fireworks so we went outside to light them off.  Only we couldn't light any of them off because I blew it and bought 4 packages of poppers.  Seriously??  We made the best of it and oohed and aahed over them anyway.

Later we got our ice cream out to eat during the movie, only the ice cream bowl (you know the bowl that goes in the Cuisinart ice cream maker??) wasn't cold enough so we had really runny ice cream.  Personally I thought it was dee-lish.  The others weren't convinced and went for the mint chocolate chip ice cream that was left in the freezer.  We watched a movie together and then it was Happy New Year at 11:30.

We are excited for 2012 and hope you are too.

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