Sunday, January 22

Say What????

There may or may not be some potty talk in this post.
You have been warned.
The other night Mr. Blue was giving Mr. Orange a bath.
Mr. O: Dad.  Dad.  Daaaad.
Mr. B:  What?
Mr. O: Is piss a bad word?
Mr. B: {Where on earth did he hear that??}  Well, it's just not a very nice word and we don't use it in our house.
Mr. O:  Well, what does it mean?
Mr. B:  It's a vulgur way of saying pee.  {Why am I explaining this to my SIX year old??}  Again, it's not very nice, so we just don't say that word.  Where did you hear it anyway?
Mr. O:  Oh this girl at school.
{A few seconds later...}
Is tiss a bad word?
Mr. B:  Tiss is not a word.
Mr. O:  Okay, then I will say tiss now.
{After thinking for a minute or two...}
Mr. B:  What did you say?
Mr. O:  Ass.
Mr. B:  Um, that's not a nice word either.  Where did you hear that one? {Good grief!  What is he learning at school?????}
Mr. O:  Oh, I was just thinking of words and thought up that one.
Mr. B:  Well, let's not use that word either.
Mr. O:  Dad?
Mr. B:  What?
Mr. O:  Can I say pass?
Mr. B:  Yes.
Mr. O:  What about grass?
Mr. B:  Yes.
Mr. O:  But those words have ass in them.
Mr. B:  It's time to get out of the tub.


mommaquincy said...

He's a smart one!

Stephanie said...

Ha ha! That's funny.

geri said...

Hilari-@$$. :)


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