Monday, January 30

{Monday Memory} Riding Bikes

Last summer (2010) we talked Mr. Orange into taking taking the training wheels off of his bike.  He actually did okay without the extra wheels, but then he took a spill in front of some people and he "demanded" that we put them back on.

All summer (2011) I talked to him about possibly trying to ride his bike without training wheels.

He refused.

Until one day...
He came up to me and said, "Mom, I want to take the training wheels off my bike today."

He found the tools and we went to work.
 He hopped on his bike and we practiced in the driveway for a bit, then we moved out to the sidewalk.

Before we knew it, he was riding like a pro.

(In case you are wondering, he is now riding his dad's old bike which is a much better size for him!!)
Miss Pink loves riding her bike too (with training wheels).

We enjoyed taking bike rides on the trail near our house and to the Farmer's Market.  The kids would ride their bikes and I'd ride mine with the bike trailer.  We would fill the bike trailer up every Saturday with fresh veggies and fruit.  (Can't waaait for summer!!)

One of our favorite rides together was on a Sunday afternoon.  There is a canal near our house and Mr. Orange wanted to go "off-road" so we took him on the dirt road to test out his skills.  Mr. Blue, Miss Pink, and I were all on our bikes too.  We were doing pretty well for about 1/4 of a mile and then the vibrations from Miss Pink's training wheels started to make her hands feel funny.  We coaxed her along for another 1/4 mile.  We were now at the half way point and she was done.  We decided to keep going and she walked while Mr. Blue walked the bikes.  Mr. Orange and I went on ahead.  Mr. Blue and Miss Pink caught up to us and we continued on our way home.  Mr. Orange had some pretty sweet skills on the dirt road.  Miss Pink was a trooper and made it home - there may have been a few tears on her part.  Not sure though.  :)

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