Tuesday, February 21

{Monday Memory} Maryland

A day late, I know.  My computer and I had a disagreement last night.  The computer won.

On with my Monday Memory.

Last September I was able to (finally) get out to see Sister 3 who lives in Maryland.  Last time I was out there was October 2008!  (It was high time for me to get my fanny back out there, I tell you!)

It was so nice to just be with my sister and her kids and her hubby.
While I was out there we:
*  Ate at Broom's - very delicious, beautiful scenery, great company.
*  Went to see all of the sunflowers abloom, oh wait, we missed it, no, over there, I see some!
*  Had some sister-bonding time while my sister ripped my eyebrows out of my face.
(Gotta take advantage of her skills while I'm out there...)
*  Went to Rita's (once, twice, thrice?  It was a few several.)
*  Went on a scenic run (very beautiful).  Sister 3 did great, me not so much.  I hadn't been running since EPIC.  You'd think I would not heave a lung at sea level.  Um, you're wrong.  I was panting the entire time.
*  Took a tour of Philly.  It was really neat.  Made me wish I had read John Adams with my book club over the summer to refresh my lack of history knowledge.  My sister's kids were troopers!
(Stolen from my sister)
*  Went to church with my sister and her family.
*  Sat on her porch and laughed and laughed and laughed and....well, you get the idea.
(stolen from my sister)
*  Made chocolate chip cookies with H.  She's a pretty great chef.  I ate almost all of the dough (go figure!)
(Stolen from my sister)
*  Took a tour of her neighborhood pre-dinner.
*  Speaking of dinner, they introduced me to this dinner.  I think I have made my family eat it about a bazillion times!  So good!
*  Before dinner I was trying to be helpful so I went inside to grab something for the outdoor table.  On  my way back out I came around the corner and slammed right into the screen door.  My face was completely mashed on the screen and I couldn't get my feet to stop going on the "forward" direction.  I finally hit my "reverse" button and backed up a step or two.   I may or may not have had a minor abrasion on my face.  We all laughed until our sides hurt.  I am so glad that my brother-in-law was standing at the grill and saw the whole thing.
*  Before I left we grabbed a bite at the Broadway Diner, took a spin through Baltimore, and enjoyed the harbor area.

All too soon it was time to go!
Thanks for the great visit!  I can't wait to get back.

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geri said...

Loved Loved LOVED having you visit!! And, I had totally forgotten about the screen door, I plan on reminding Seth of that awesomenesss :) COME AGAIN!
(PS - I totally look Jay Leno-ish in that last picture, Gag!)


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