Wednesday, February 22

Finally! Some Snow!

On Monday Mr. Blue had to work.
Miss Pink had dance class.
Mr. Orange had the day off and was boooored out of his mind.
On our way to pick Miss Pink up from dance he said, "Mom, I need to go sledding.  Right now."
Me, "Well, let's pick Miss Pink up, eat some lunch, and if there is still any snow left then we'll go."
Him, "Okay."

We picked up Miss Pink and ten minutes later we were walking over to the sledding hill (my grumbling tummy lost that battle).

The kids got sleds for Christmas and this was their first run on them.
Mr. Orange was so excited to use his sled.  He ran up to the top of the hill, laid down on his sled, asked for a push, (which I gave him), and he went nowhere.  The snow was too sticky in that spot.  We decided to go where other people had gone before and the sledding was much better.
 Miss Pink face-planted it a few times.
(I think she did it on purpose so she could eat the snow.)
 After a while the kids got tired of sledding and so we ate snow, chased each other, threw snowballs (mostly at me), tackled each other, laughed, tried to build a snowman until Miss Pink fell on it, built a snow castle, laughed some more, threw more snowballs, did more sledding, etc., etc.
After an hour and a half we were pooped.
It was a wonderful afternoon.

One of those afternoons that you need as a mom.
Nothing to do, nowhere to go, just you and the kids.
Everything is perfect (except we missed Mr. Blue).
You can laugh freely.
Play with your kids.
Enjoy them.
Love them.
Watch their excitement about such little things like the snow in their mouths.
It was, well, perfect.

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