Sunday, March 4

Has Anyone Seen the Keys?? and other Sunday Fun

Mr. Blue had to go to church early today.
My plan was to surprise him and actually be five minutes early.
Ten minutes before we needed to be at church I had everything gathered up, the kids were ready, I was ready, we were good to go...
except for one thing...
I couldn't find my keys

I remained calm (surprisingly).

Mr. Blue had driven the night before which meant my keys could be anywhere.
I asked myself, "If I were Mr. Blue, where would I put the keys?"
I looked in all the logical places - the key bowl, the counter, the cabinet in the living room, the kitchen table.  Hmmmm, nothing.  Search harder - looked under the items on the counter, the cabinet and the kitchen table.  Still nothing.

It is now 5 minutes until church starts.

Maybe the bathroom?
Mr. Blue's coat?
Where is that coat?
Seriously, where is it?
The ignition?

At 11:00 (yup, church starts at 11) I text Mr. Blue:
Where are the keys?
Text to Mr. Blue at 11:04:
We are walking.

I slung my heavy church bag over my shoulder, grabbed the kids hands, and we were off to church - on foot.  Now usually in Utah that is not a big deal - to walk to church.  However our church is a little over 1.5 miles from our house.  As we left the house I did give thanks to my mother-in-law for giving me a dress a few weeks ago that I can wear flats with.  Had I been wearing my usual dress - with heels - we would have put our jammies back on and called it a day.

Off we went.
Luckily it was warm and the sidewalks were dry (for the most part).
We were only 40 minutes late.
We would have been there sooner but we took the looooong way to the church.  I realized my mistake after it was too late to turn around and go the short (1.2 miles) way.
We sat in the very, very, very back (I couldn't find Mr. Blue).

Five minutes later Mr. Blue walks in with a strange look on his face.  After Sacrament meeting he told me that he had driven home to see where we were - his phone had died.  He had called me from the church but no one had answered.  (Hello, it was Sunday.  This girl doesn't take a phone to church silly!) He opened the garage door and the car was there.  He came inside and called for us, but no one answered.  He started to get panicked.  (His words and I quote, "I thought the KGB had come and abducted my family!"  I'm pretty sure the KGB is the least of our worries...)  Then he saw my phone and checked my texts.  Mystery solved.

After church, things were much less eventful.  The kids were wild and crazy so we kicked them outside. They were enjoying themselves so much that Mr. Blue and I went out to see what they were up to.
Mr. Orange (like his orange outfit?) built a "sculpture" of China and Taiwan.
Miss Pink was wondering on the wonders of the world.
Mr. Blue decided to clobber them both with snowballs and the last little bit of snow was used up.
I stayed out of the way and let the three of them go at it.
The kids still needed to run off some energy so we ate some dinner and went for a walk.
Somehow I ended up riding Mr. Orange's scooter and Mr. Blue ended up pushing Miss Pink's bike home.

Favorite parts of my day...
*Remaining calm
*An unexpected walk
*Family Fun
*Riding a scooter in my dress (should've ridden it to church with the kids on their bikes!)
*Warm sunshine
*Gentle breeze
*Going to church

I heard you ask, so I better answer...

The keys.
The keys were in Mr. Blue's coat that was on top of the laundry basket that I walked past 15 times while I was looking for the keys and somehow never saw.

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