Monday, March 5

{Monday Memory} Yowzers!

The Saturday before the 4th of July we had a bum around the house kind of day.  Around dinner time I still had a few things to do so Mr. Blue took the kids to the pool (gotta love livin' in a townhome!)

I get a phone call from Mr. Blue...
Mr. Blue: Miss Pink has a huge gash in her forehead and it's bleeding all over.
Me: How big is the cut? How did it happen?
Mr. Blue: She smashed her forehead on the corner of the pool.
Me: How big is the cut?
Mr. Blue: Pretty big.  You should come look at it.

I walk over to the pool (I was not in a hurry since I could hear Miss Pink giggling and splashing in the background while I was on the phone) and take a look at her head.  Yes, she did indeed have a cut.  No, it was not life and death.  We decided to take her to the InstaCare, but not until I could shower my sweat encrusted from a super long run body.  I took a fast shower and Miss Pink and I headed to the InstaCare.  Mr. Blue was not allowed.  He gets weird in situations like these.

Miss Pink and I checked in and we sat in the exam room for awhile.  She was pretty calm and just sat on my lap.
Br. Blue texted me every 37 seconds.
A nurse came in and talked to us, found Miss Pink some crayons, paper, and stickers and told us to wait.
They came in and numbed her forehead.
Things were going well, until...
they had to wash out her cut.

Man alive, you would have thought they were pulling out her fingernails!
I don't know how we do it as moms (and dads).  Somehow we remain calm and whisper into our children's ear that they will be okay.  We hold them and stroke them, comfort them and love them while we are on the verge of crying ourselves.  We hold the tears in because we know that as soon as that first tear falls, it's over.  So we hold it in and we stay strong for our little ones (or not so little ones) because they need us to be strong.

Finally it was over.  Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange arrived at the InstaCare while that was going on and I told him to stay where he was.  We would be out in a minute.

The doctor looked at her and said that glue would be okay in this situation and that she wouldn't need stitches.  Great.  I thought.  Then she said, "Oh and she can't get her cut wet for 7 days."
 Me:  Seven days?  It's the 4th of July.  We have family coming into town and we are going boating for 3 days.
Doctor:  Keep it dry.  And out of the sun.
I don't know about you, but that didn't sound like any fun at all.

We bought some waterproof bandaids, patched her up, and we were good to go.

Somehow, I feel like this is just the beginning with this girl.....

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