Thursday, March 15

Hitting the Slopes

Mr. Blue and I have waited for this day for a long, long, very long time.
The day when we would hit the slopes with our kids.
Mr. Orange didn't have school on the 9th (a Friday), the weather was going to be perfect, it had just snowed, so we decided that would be our day.
We headed up to Brighton bright and early, got the kids outfitted, signed them up for ski school and they were off.
Mr. Blue and I waved goodbye and took a few runs.
As we came down one of the runs, we noticed our kids getting off the Magic Carpet and spied on them for a bit.
The kids were in good hands and seemed to be doing fine, so Mr. Blue and I took a few more runs.
(We couldn't believe how warm and beautiful it was up there!!!  Gorgeous!)
Mr. Blue had to prove that he still has some skills.
I'm not sure why.
I already know that he's pretty cool.

We arrived a bit early to pick the kids up from the ski school and saw them walking back to the building.  Mr. Orange was dragging his skis behind him.  Miss Pink batted her eyes at her instructor and he carried hers for her.  Mr. Blue and I cracked up watching the two of them.  Mr. Orange would walk a bit, look around, locate Miss Pink and keep walking.  Miss Pink would take a few steps, bend down, eat some snow, stand up, walk a few more steps, eat some more snow, etc.  (You can see her eating the snow in the collage above.)

We ate some lunch after checking the kids out.
Me:  How was it?  Did you love it?  Are you ready to go with Dad and I?
Mr. Orange:  No.  I don't ever want to do this again.
Miss Pink:  I cried for you Momma.  I kept my goggles on so my instructor wouldn't know I was crying for you.
(Mr. Blue and I exchanged glances that said, "What have we done?  Are they going to hate this forever? That's not good!!)

We enjoy our lunch and the beautiful scenery, and being with each other.

After lunch Mr. Orange stands up and starts putting his skis on.
Me:  What are you doing?
Mr. Orange:  Hurry up Mom and Dad!  I want to ski!
Miss Pink:  Me too!  Let's go!


Mr. Blue and I took them over to the Bunny Hill and we had some great adventures with the kids to finish off our day.  Mr. Orange did some pretty fantastic splits and Miss Pink proved that she has a need for speed.
In all our excitement we forgot to take a picture of all of us.
At the end of the day we all had huge grins on our faces.
Can't wait for next time!

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