Monday, March 19

{Monday Memory} Last Day of Summer

On Mr. Orange's last day of summer he had a special request.
He wanted to go to the Children's Museum and could we please go?
Pretty please?
Please, please, please???
Of course we went.
(I didn't want to lug around my big camera, so I apologize for the pics...)
We spent several hours at the museum.
The kids played in the water features, went grocery shopping, played house, sat on a "horse", planted "seeds", climbed a rock wall, and built buildings then turned on the earthquake and watched them fall over.  The also became part of a Life Flight "crew", played music with their bodies, and had an all around great time.
The kids favorite part was building with these magnetic blocks.  I think we spent an hour at this table.  Sorry to anyone else that wanted to play here!  I'll admit, it was my favorite part too.  :)

We were enjoying our day so much that when we came to the end of the museum we weren't ready to go home.  We stopped at Ben and Jerry's for some ice cream  (They have really big cones there!) and then sat at the Gateway fountain to enjoy the sunshine and drippy ice cream.  The kids ran through the fountain for awhile (until they were no longer sticky).

It was a perfect last day of summer.

On the way home Mr. Orange said to me, "Thanks mom.  That was the best."

It's nice to know that I can still make his day.  :)

He made mine too.

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