Tuesday, March 20

Square Foot Garden Boxes - Round One

Spring is in the air.
My garden has been whispering to me.
My seeds have been calling to me.
My hands have been itching.
Last Friday I couldn't take it anymore.
It was time to put on my gloves and throw down some dirt.
Last year I started out documenting what I was growing in my square foot garden boxes (here and here), but then I fizzled out - so did my garden.
This year I am determined to do better.

Here is a picture of what I have planted so far:
The writing is kinda small in the picture, but here is the breakdown.
Everything was planted on March 16, with the exception of some garlic (left hand side) that I found growing a few days ago.  I guess I missed some last year when I pulled everything out.  I also planted one square of spinach last fall (I had just enough seeds left).

So here ya go.
We'll start with the box on the left:
(I'm listing the vegetable then the amount of plants grown per square.)
**Top Row L-R**
Bok Choy - 4

**Second Row**

**Third Row**

**Fourth Row**
Garlic - 16 (surprise! leftover from last summer)

Now for the box to the right:
**Top Row**
Spinach - 9 (planted last fall, not sure what type.  probably tyee.)
Mesclun Lettuce - scattered in square

**Second Row**

**Third Row**

**Fourth Row**
Garlic - 16
(i bought some organic garlic from the grocery store, separated it into cloves and planted the individual cloves.)

On my porch I am growing mint, Easter Egg blend Radishes, and Mesclun Lettuce.

I'll be planting more in the next few weeks and will keep you posted.

I love spring.
I love the sunshine (although it was cloudy and windy while I planted).
I love the fresh smell of the dirt.
I love growing my own vegetables.
I LOVE watching my garden grow.
I love it.

To see Round Two click HERE.

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