Tuesday, April 10


Yesterday it was hot when we got home from the Tulip Festival.
The kids immediately ran outside and set up the water tables.
They got soaked within 5 minutes and were inside looking for their swimsuits.

I heard Miss Pink run into her room, but didn't think much about it.  A few seconds later there was a huge thump followed by a crash.  I ran down the hall to see that her dresser had fallen over, that explained the thump.  Frantically I searched the room for her.  She was right next to the dresser with a huge smile on her face and she said, "I jumped out of the way!"  Of course you did, I thought.  I went to pick the dresser up and saw cause of the crash.  

A few months ago our friends gave us their beta fish when they moved to another state.  I have done my best to kill keep it alive.  It lived in the kitchen for awhile, then spent some time in Mr. Orange's room.  A few weeks ago he moved into Miss Pink's room on top of her dresser.

Let's just say that the beta's bowl was in a bajillion pieces all over the floor, water was everywhere, and I thought that hopefully maybe the fish had died.  Mr. Blue happened to be home while all of this was going on and he helped me clean up the broken pieces.  He was moving a larger piece of the bowl and we realized the fish was underneath it.  Mr. Blue picked up the piece and the fish flipped up in the air.  Mr. Blue jumped and Miss Pink ran to find something to put him in.  It took Mr. Blue a few minutes to figure out how to get the fish off of the floor and into the pint jar Miss Pink found without touching the fish.  He managed.

After everything was cleaned up I asked Miss Pink why she didn't ask me to help her get her swimsuit out of her dresser.  She said, "Oh, I couldn't see you and I climb up there all the time."  I think I sprouted 9 more gray hairs this afternoon.

After the fish fiasco the kids set up a water park in the backyard.
If it is even remotely warm outside, these kids will be playing in water.
They dragged last year's pool out and set it up.  Mr. Orange came running inside and said, "Mom!  Something is wrong with the pool!"  I went out and sure enough it was splurting water out the side as fast as it was going in.  Hmmm.  I patched it up enough for them to play and decided we would be getting a new pool this year.  I don't know how they could stand playing in the water.  It was like an ice bath!
I am so happy that warmer weather is here.
And that my heart has calmed down.
And that Miss Pink wasn't hurt.
And that my kids love to play water park in the backyard.

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