Monday, April 9

Tulip Festival

While Mr. Orange was out for Spring Break we tried to do something fun each day.  One day we colored Easter eggs, the next we went to The Lorax.  We had an Easter egg hunt at Nana's, then it was Easter.  Today, Mr. Orange's last day of Spring Break (yes, it was a Monday), we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  The festival doesn't officially start until Friday, but we wanted to go without crowds.  The kids and I have always loved going to the Gardens.  Our trip today did not disappoint.

I will apologize in advance for all of the pictures, but the kids were happy, I had my good camera with me, and the kids were smiling and posing every time I turned around.  What else was I supposed to do?  Just be thankful that I was able to delete pictures and you only have to look at 10 instead of 50.  :)
 Miss Pink stopped and smelled all of the tulips.  I had to remind her that she had to stay on the path to smell, not get in the flowerbeds with the flowers.

The kids know when we are close to the Koi pond.  Today they ran over there and the fish were out in force.  They begged me for a quarter so they could feed them.  Personally, I think the fish are a little bit gross, but the kids are fascinated with them.
Mr. Orange saw this little garden of tulips and sat right down next to it.  He told Miss Pink to come and sit by him, then he got my attention and asked me to take a picture.  A few years ago we had to pull his teeth to get him to even look at the camera!  Ha!

Our favorite place in the Gardens is The Secret Garden.  While we were walking through it last year I told the kids briefly about the story of The Secret Garden.  The next day we were checking it out at the library.  The Secret Garden at Thanksgiving Point is just as magical as the garden in the book.  Today I felt like Mary and Dickens were in there with us.
We also like the Spanish Steps.  Every time we come to this part of the gardens the kids ask me if they can get in the "bathtubs".

My mom, who works at Thanksgiving Point, has been telling me about this new part of the gardens.  It is amazing.  The kids and I walked down to it and there is a spirit of reverence surrounding it.  There is this large statue of Christ walking on water, the caption says, "It is I, be not afraid".  Mr. Orange went to it immediately.  It reminds him of his favorite story of Christ where Christ calms the sea.  Around the large statue are about 10 or so smaller statues depicting scenes from Christ's life.  We looked at each one and remembered the stories.  When we got back to the start I asked the kids which one was their favorite.  I'll let you guess which one it is.  :)
 Miss Pink asked if she could do a dance pose in front of the statue.
 We stopped off at the waterfalls before heading back up to the car.  I'm not sure how the kids had any energy left, but they found a bit and rolled down the hill several times.
 Miss Pink didn't think that Mr. Orange was rolling fast enough so she gave him a push.
Sometimes I forget how much I like my kids, I mean I always love them, but there are days when it seems like everyone is grouchy and we can't understand each other.  The whining seems never-ending.  You wonder if they are going through a phase, or if this is just how it's going to be and you wonder if you will have any hair left at the end of the year.

Then you have a day, or a weekend, or a Spring Break, and the grouchiness takes a vacation, the whining takes a break, and life - family life - is enjoyable, happy, wonderful.  On those days I feel like I get a taste of Heaven.

Today was delicious.
Today was heavenly.
Today was perfect.

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