Thursday, April 5


Mr. Orange's first day of Spring Break was spent running errands.  How awful is that?  I did promise him and Miss Pink that if they were (really, really, really) good we would be able to dye Easter eggs when we got home.  They were perfect angels the entire time we were out.

As soon as we got home I made my yearly phone call to my mom to ask her how to boil eggs.  (She mocks me every time I do...)  We boiled away, lost four eggs due to their insides splitting out in the pan, and started to dye eggs at 5:30.
The egg-dyeing was a success.
The kids had a great time.
We have more colored eggs than we know what to do with.
Miss Pink only managed to dye one of her hands blue.
We're ready for Easter.

I can't believe how much they have changed since last year!!!

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