Saturday, April 7

A Hunting We Will Go...

Today was the annual Easter Egg Hunt at Nana's house.
The kids played, the eggs (loads and loads and loads and...) were hidden.
Then it was time and the kids were let loose in the yard.
Mr. Orange found so many eggs that we had to empty his basket once.  I remember when he was 1 we went to an Easter egg hunt and he picked up two eggs.  One for each hand as he was pleased as punch.  My how times have changed.  :)
Miss Pink stayed close to Dad and managed to fill her basket to the brim.
I think most of the kids ate candy for lunch.
What would an Easter egg hunt be without the Easter Bunny?  Mr. Orange couldn't wait to shake his hand, Miss Pink just about climbed over Nana's shoulder.  She was so nervous about the Easter Bunny this year.
Photo from father-in-law
Mr. Orange was thrilled to get his golden egg.
Photo from father-in-law
The group was a little smaller this year than last, but I can't believe how BIG these kids are all getting!

As usual, the egg hunt was wonderful.  The kids had a grand time afterwards playing with friends, climbing trees, and eating more candy.

Thanks Nana!

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