Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter

I was in bed this morning and I heard someone sneaking around the house.  Then Mr. Orange came into my room and said, "The Easter Bunny came!!"  We all headed downstairs, and sure enough, he had!
The Easter Bunny stuck with tradition and brought the kids some Gospel-related books and puzzles.  He brought Who Is This Jesus?, How Does the Holy Ghost Makes Me Feel, and 2 mini-puzzles - Abish and Nephi.  He also brought bubbles, notepads, hot wheels, bracelets, and much needed pajamas.  The kids enjoyed their books, puzzles and notepads at church and Miss Pink looked lovely with her new necklace and bracelets.

It was nice to be able to go to church this Easter Sunday and to feel the whisperings of the Spirit reaffirming to me that Jesus is the Christ.  That He died and lives again so that I might live again also.  Earlier in the week our Family Home Evening lesson was on the events leading up to Christ's Atonement and Resurrection.  Mr. Blue and I each bore our testimonies of Jesus Christ and then asked the kids what they love about Jesus.  Miss Pink said, "He's nice!"

Mr. Orange told us his favorite story about Jesus.  It brought tears in my eyes.  Later in the week he was asked to give a talk in Primary.  He wanted to tell the same story for his talk.  Here is his favorite story about Jesus in his own words:

My favorite story of Jesus is when Jesus calmed the water.  Jesus was telling a lot of people about the Gospel and he got tired.  He saw a boat and he said, "I want to ride on that boat and rest for a little bit."

The waves were getting rough.  Jesus was asleep.  The guys on the boat were very, very scared.  They woke Jesus up and Jesus calmed the sea.

It's amazing that someone could calm the water with just one word - PEACE.

I love his sweet testimony.
After church I wanted to take their pictures.  Mr. Orange was very excited, Miss Pink - not so much.
Miss Pink did finally look at the camera.
Then she ran away.

Little story about this guy.  For Christmas I bought Miss Pink a Christmas dress.  He looked at it and said, "Well, do I get a Christmas suit?"  Guess what, he got a Christmas suit.  We turned it into an Easter suit with a yellow tie.  He loves his suit.  I'm not kidding.  He really loves it.

Happy Easter!

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