Saturday, April 28

Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon

A few months ago I decided it was time to run another half marathon.  I looked around and settled on the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon.  It seemed easy enough - run around the main property, run around the gardens, run around the golf course...

Can I just tell you that this half is not quite what I expected??  Sure it was absolutely beautiful, stunning scenery was abundant, the weather was perfect, it even smelled great!  But boy was it challenging!  (Which made it super fun, by the way.)

This is not a fast course.

Have any of you ever been to Thanksgiving Point?  The golf course in particular?  I'll tell you what, the last half of the half (heehee) takes place on the golf course and it is much easier in a golf cart than on foot!  It kept it interesting...Up a short steep hill, down a short steep hill, run for a few paces, up a short steep hill, down a short steep hill, oh, hairpin turn...repeat...for the next 6 miles. 
(Yes, I am a total goon when it comes to pictures...)
 I didn't check my watch at all and was shocked when my time said 2:02:05!
It was definitely a PR for me.
I'm such a nerd and got totally misty-eyed crossing the finish line.
 When I signed up for the half, Mr. Orange said that he wanted to do the Kids Mile.  He has been "practicing" his running at recess, and he had to run a mile at track a few days before.  Mr. Orange wanted Mr. Blue to run with him (Thank Heavens!  I wouldn't have been able to keep up with him!!!) and they had a great time.  I asked Mr. Orange if he had fun doing his race and he said, "Yes!  Guess what Mom, they had water and Gatorade at one of the tables so I stopped to get a drink."  Awesome.  Mr. Orange finished in 12:47.  He took almost 50 seconds off of his time earlier this week.  And that super-speedy time includes a gulp of Gatorade.  :)
Miss Pink was trying to get out of the picture.  We showed her!
 The Racers
Mr. Orange, Me, Dad, Mom, Little Brother, and M.

My Parents, Little Bother, and M all ran the 5K.
I am so proud of my little guy!!

As part of our grab bags, we were given passes to all of the venues at Thanksgiving Point so we spent time at the Animal Park and Dinosaur Museum before heading home.  This event was  For real.  We will be making this an annual tradition.

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