Monday, May 21

Miss Pink's Dance Recital(s)

We just ended another fun year of dance for Miss Pink.
I never got around to posting pictures of their Halloween "in-class" performance.
 Miss Pink started to dance as soon as the music started...
and danced away until she saw Mr. Blue recording her.
Then she stopped dancing.
 She absolutely refused to dance at their little Christmas performance.
She cried every time I took her to dance.
One day I had had it and I told her, "Fine.  If you don't want to go to dance, you will stay in your room the entire day."  Guess what she said.  "That's fine.  I'll stay in my room."
And she did.
I was at my wits end with her since the only time she wouldn't dance was in dance class.
Finally I gave in and sat near the class and read a book - for several weeks.
The deal was I would stay if she would dance.
Then one day she was ready to dance without me there.
I wasn't sure if she would dance at her recital, but she assured me that she would.
 And dance she did.
She danced beautifully.
(If I wasn't so technologically impaired I would even post a video.)
I was super proud of her.
 Miss Pink's "best friend in the whole wide world" was in her class this year.
 Their favorite thing to play at our house is "dance party".
I love seeing the poses they come up with.
Some of them are pretty spectacular.
Miss L has been a fantastic teacher.
We will miss her so much next year!

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