Monday, January 24

garage doors . . . part two

Here's the rest of the story.  I know you are all dying to know...

Last night after I posted I decided to take a nice, long, hot bath.  It was relaxing and just what I needed.  Mr. blue came home at some point with his cousin and tried and tried to get the garage door to go up.  It wouldn't budge.

This morning Mr. Blue had to leave early for work.  Thank heavens my car was not IN the garage when it decided to break, so he took my car this morning, leaving me his car that was stranded INSIDE the garage. The kids and I got up about the time Mr. Blue left and I gave Mr. Orange two options for getting to school.  1.  He could ride to school with our neighbor and her kids, or 2. We could walk to school (a little over a mile).  He chose option 2.  Somehow I knew he would.

We got ready in record time this morning.  I pulled on some workout clothes and Miss Pink changed her jammies into fleece jammies.  I decided to take the Chariot in case little legs got tired and then they could ride and I could run.  I dragged the Chariot through the house and out through the front door.  That's when I realized that all three tires were flat.  I went on a hunt for the tire pump.  Found it and tried the front tire.  In the process of hooking the pump up to the tire the valve fell off in my hand.  I dragged the Chariot back through the house, threw it on the garage floor, and grabbed our old stroller.  Miss Pink hopped in, I bundled her up with a blanket and we were off.

Mr. Orange was a trooper, a sloooooow trooper.  The kid does not walk very fast.  I held his hand and encouraged him towards the school and he kept up a steady pace.  We got there right after the bell rang.  I was totally okay with that.  Miss Pink and I hurried home.  My thighs were popsicles by the time we got there.

About the time we got home, Mr. Blue called to say the garage door repairman would be by soon.  Sure enough he knocked on the door 15 minutes later.  He took a quick glance at the garage door and said that our spring had snapped.  I know exactly when the spring snapped.  It snapped when I pulled the emergency release (or whatever it is called) cord last night and the garage door slammed to the ground.  So glad I didn't have to crawl UNDER the garage door last night to get into the house!  Anyway, he spent the next 45 minutes replacing the spring, some other thing and all of the little doohickeys that roll the garage door up and down.  So glad that it works now and it's soooo much quieter!

A little while later it was time to pick up Mr. Orange.  Miss Pink started off running to the school.  After a bit she was pooped.  She hopped in the stroller and we took off.  We got to the school about the time Mr. Orange's class got out.  Good timing on my part!  Both kids wanted to walk for a little while.  Then Mr. Orange said that his legs just couldn't walk anymore.  He got in the stroller.  Then Miss Pink's legs got tired so she sat on the handlebar until she slid off.  We were about a quarter mile from home and she had had it.  Mr. Orange wouldn't budge.  So I threw Miss Pink in the stroller on top of him.  Strollers are not easy to push with 60 pounds of kid in it!  Phew!

Can I just say I am so very thankful that it was not 4 degrees outside today like it was a week or so ago? The garage door couldn't have picked a better time to break.  The weather was beautiful today.  I could even see the mountains.  A rare thing if it hasn't just snowed in January in Utah!


Caroline said...

You are a super trooper mom!

mommaquincy said...

Nothing like doing without to appreciate a garage door, right?

alan said...

Yeah this is really awesome thanks for this great blog.

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