Wednesday, January 26


I love these two.
I love that they are each other's best friend.
love the way they laugh and giggle.
love it when they crawl in bed with me and Mr. Blue in the morning.
love watching them sleep.
love hearing them fight (maybe not really...).
love hearing them whine (maybe not always...).
love doing things with them.
love cuddling with them.
love tickling them.
love it when they use kind words.
love it when they share.
love that they are individuals.
love watching them grow.
love all of these things because it means they are here with me.
Life is precious.
I have been reminded of this too many times in the past few weeks.
I need to hold on to my little ones and treasure the time I have with them, because I never know when it (they) will be taken away.

*  *  *  *  *
Tonight at dinner Mr. Orange turns to me and says, "Mom, my heart is like a castle.  These things (rubbing his ribs) are like the knights.  They protect our hearts.  Isn't Heavenly Father smart for making knights to protect our castle hearts?"

"Yes.  That was very smart of Him."
*  *  *  *  *


mommaquincy said...

Your kids are 2 of my very favorites!

Kellie Openshaw said...

Amen those sweet kids like there is no tomorrow.


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