Friday, March 11

Disney on Ice

My sister's husband works for one of the local TV stations and he was able to score some tickets to Disney on Ice.  They asked if we wanted to go.  What could we say?  YES!  Our kids have wanted to go to Disney on Ice for a long time.
*    *    *    *    *
Miss Pink
Minnie Mouse
Sleeping Beauty

Mr. Orange
Captain Hook ("I'll run you through Mickey!")
Jack Skellington
and the other villains

Mom & Dad
Making it out of the building without souvenirs.  {YEAH!}
Watching Mr. Orange.  He was captivated.  I'm not sure if he blinked the entire time.
Seeing Miss Pink dance.  She stood on a chair and danced the entire second half of the performance.
Being with family.
Thanks K & P for the fun night!!

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