Wednesday, November 23

Miss Pink + Scissors = Laughter

Miss Pink would not go to bed last night.  After awhile she came downstairs to ask me a question.
It took me a little while to notice it.
 But then, WHAM! I saw it.
I guess she needed a haircut.
Or something.
All I could do was laugh.
She asked me to sing a song to her so she could get to sleep, but every time I looked at her I got the giggles.
I think we do things like this to ourselves when we are young, so that when we are parents we can remember that we did it too and everyone survived.
Hopefully some magic can be worked this afternoon and we can still get a family picture taken this weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

1 comment:

mommaquincy said...

Its a good things she's so adorable! Jess cut Jenny's hair right before a family photo and she had some spot an inch long! I'm sure you can get this looking like it was planned!


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