Wednesday, November 30

"O" Family Pics

We met up this year, with my kids in tow YEAH! (that "yeah" was said with exxxxtreeeeeeeme sarcasm! not about the meeting up part - but the having my kids in tow part) and got our picture-taking on.
Let me just say that I am thankful for the movies that were on my brother-in-law's phone that kept my crazy kids quiet and out of the way for a few minutes.

My nephews were great.
They were perfect the entire time.

oops!  forgot to rotate this photo.  just wanted you to exercise your neck a bit.

Just a "little" sampling for you.
If I had put all of my favorites up, your fingers would get tired from scrolling.
Be glad I spared you that pain.
Until next year "O" family.


kellie said...

You are the best. Thanks for taking these for us. My men look fantastic.

geri said...

So great!! You are required to take ours next time you come to visit!

Tamera said...

These are great! You do a fantastic job. Too bad I don't live closer.... :)


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