Friday, December 2

Kids, Cameras, and "Crackers"

It was early out day today.
Miss Pink and I spent the morning taking pictures for a friend.
After school the kids decided it was their turn to take pictures.
Mr. Orange took a picture of our tree.
He wanted to put it up last Tuesday.
I said, "No way.  That will have to wait until after Thanksgiving."
He waited.
The tree and decorations went up Saturday.
On Sunday he convinced his Nana to put up her decorations too.
 Miss Pink took a picture of her kitty.
I'm not sure when Kitty lost her eye.
I think maybe it was when she got into a scuffle with the dalmatian puppy that found it's way into our IKEA bag awhile back.
She looks kinda cute with one eye.
 Then we moved on to the nutcrackers.
They posed them, I took pictures.
Well, what do you do on Friday afternoon?
Go for walks or something?
 Miss Pink wanted hers to be next to Kitty.
NOT Mr. Orange's.
Swords were almost drawn.
 Everyone calmed down long enough for the picture - just barely.
(Notice the grimaces?)

Mr. Orange's nutcracker.
He is still nameless.
Poor guy.
 Miss Pink informed me that Kitty named her nutcracker Rose.
If I were Kitty, I might be scared to be that close Rose right now.
 I am so glad that we had a nice afternoon together.
I am REALLY glad that this guy (the smiling face guy, not the frowning face guy) is the one that chose to come home with me today.

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mommaquincy said...

Such cute kids! Your tree and decorations look great!


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