Saturday, December 3

Family Pictures

Last Sunday we went to my in-laws and had our family picture taken.
My goal is to actually hang it on the wall.
We have had a frame hanging above the piano without a picture in it for almost a year now.
I know, you are all thinking, well when did you last have your family picture taken?
Um, just last Thanksgiving.
And it was a cute picture too.
Just never got around to it.
My goal is to have this picture hanging in the frame by the end of next week.
(I have to order it, just waiting for that magical paycheck to show up.)
This picture needs to go on the wall too.
And this one...
(How do you like Miss Pink's new haircut?)
And this one.
All family photos taken by my father-in-law.
This is more true to life.
Maybe this one will make it into the frame instead.
Thanks for the pics! We love 'em.


derek and kimber said...

Those are beautiful! I love every. single. one. of them! Seriously, Amazing. :)

mommaquincy said...

Wonderful pictures! Did Steph do them?

karen said...

No, my father-in-law did them for us.

Andrea Holley said...

You guys are so cute. I love these pictures.


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