Tuesday, December 20

The Lights at Temple Square

Mr. Blue and I had been talking to the kids about going to Temple Square to see the lights.  They were pretty excited about it so we decided to go last week.  I was pretty proud of myself for remembering to bring the camera.  I took it out as we were walking around and realized I didn't have a memory card for it.  Hello!  I made Mr. Blue lug it around for me and we used his phone.
The lights were as beautiful as always.  We looked at all of the different nativity scenes that were set up around the Church Office Building.  There were some pretty neat ones.
This nativity is always my favorite.  I love how it is spread out around the reflecting pool with Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the reflecting pool.  The kids liked the lights floating on the water.
 It was really crowded that night with youth groups.  Miss Pink would not hold any of our hands and made me nervous as she danced and darted around the people.  Mr. Orange kept my hand warm for me.
 We went into the Tabernacle and the kids thought it looked "kinda old" in there.
We also went into the visitors center to take the kids up to see the Christus.  We were disappointed because they were only letting a certain number up at a time and we didn't have time to wait.  Mr. Orange really wanted to see it.  I promised him that we could go back on a Sunday, or any other day of the week, to see it.  He said, "How?  Don't they take it down after Christmas?"  I explained to him that the Christus is always there.
Our Primary Chorister has encouraged the kids to get a picture of them touching the temple.  Mr. Orange stopped dead in his tracks when we were within touching distance and asked if we would take his picture touching the temple.  We tried a gazillion shots and this was the best.

I love going to Temple Square.
I love the peaceful feeling that is there.

We hurried back to the car, Mr. Blue had to do some work and we were freezing!
We got to the building that we had parked under and the door was locked.
Next door, locked.
Next door, locked.
Next door, locked.

We finally ended up walking down the ramp into the parking garage.  Thank heavens that was still open!!

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