Monday, December 19

{Monday Memory} Miss Pink Turns Four

Photo by father-in-law
I can't believe that Miss Pink is FOUR already!
It seems like she became part of our family just yesterday.
Photo by brother-in-law
Mr. Orange took to her instantly, and they have been the best of friends ever since.

When I asked Miss Pink what she wanted to do for her birthday she said, "I want a fairy-princess party!" and that was that.

We opened a few presents in the morning before Mr. Blue and Mr. Orange had to leave for work and school.  Then she and I finished up a few things for the party.  We did really important things like ice the frost the cupcakes, spray paint fairy wands, and pick out nail polish at the grocery store.

Her friends arrived for the party dressed up like fairies or princesses.  They were each given wings when they came in.  Oh, I forgot, I was the Queen Fairy Princess and dressed up too.  :)
I stayed up waaay too late making these beauties.  :)
We played a bunch of games, learned to fly, got sparkled with fairy dust, made wands and ate cupcakes. All too soon it was time for the girls to go home.
Exactly what she asked for.  So glad she didnt' ask for a fairy-princess shaped cake!!
 I think she had a pretty great time, at least that's what she told me!

Later we ate at Cafe Rio (her favorite) for dinner and were joined by her Nana.
 Can I just tell you that I love, love, love this girl?  She is totally spazzy, crazy, spirited, kind, imaginative, stubborn, etc, etc.  I love watching her dance and twirl, hearing her sing, and listening to her  play with all of her "friends" (she has many friends that live in our house).  She is a joy.

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