Wednesday, January 25

Happy Chinese New Year!

We decided to have Mr. Orange switch schools this year so that he could be involved in a Chinese Immersion program.  He has loved it.  Or, at least, I am pretty sure he does.  He is a boy and just doesn't talk like girls do.  :)  I have been very impressed with his Chinese teacher and I know he is learning what he is being taught in that class.  He especially loves the math portion (taught in Chinese).

Monday was the Chinese New Year and the immersion students put on an assembly.  Miss Pink and I went to the morning assembly and watched Mr. Orange sing some Chinese New Year songs.
After the assembly Miss Pink and I visited our local Asian Market to pick up some CNY decor.  After school we went to an Asian grocery store to find some last minute ingredients for dinner.  Guess what.  Most of the labels are written in Chinese.  I had a hard time finding what I needed!  I can't wait for Mr. Orange to be able to read the package labels!

We came home and the cooking began.  We didn't have anything fancy, it was our first year celebrating this new (to our family) holiday.  We had (really yummy) peanut noodles, stir fry vegetables (so-so), miso soup (needs work), and coconut rice (oh my! this will be a new staple at our house!).  Hopefully by next year we'll be more familiar with some other Chinese foods that we can incorporate into our tradition.  We gave the kids a red envelope with some money in it and they thought that was pretty fun.

Mr. Orange figured that since it was New Year's he could stay up late.  I finally had to tell him to turn out his light at 11, reminding him that he had school the next day!

Happy New Year everybody!

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