Friday, May 10

One Tooth Down

Miss Pink woke up Wednesday morning and just knew that her tooth needed to come out.
As soon as breakfast was over Mr. Orange talked her into tying her tooth to the door and he would slam it shut.
 It took awhile for Mr. Blue to get the string tied to Miss Pink's tooth.
When it was on tight, Mr. Blue asked Miss Pink if she was ready for him to tie the string to the door.
Her response?
"Um, no Dad."
 Needless to say, the tooth did not come out after breakfast.
Miss Pink spent most of the day in front of the mirror trying to get it to come out.
By Thursday, it was hanging on by a thread.
I wanted to reach in her mouth and "pop" it out.
I refrained.
 We went to dinner with her Uncle and cousin and while we were sitting and talking she looked up at me and guess what?
Her tooth was in her hand and she had a window in her mouth!
She was so excited to put her first tooth under her pillow.
The Tooth Fairy made it and gave that animal-loving girl a pretty cool elephant and butterfly.

I can't believe how grown up she is!


Lynn said...

That's just adorable. The Tooth Fairy has a pretty extraordinary gift with origami!

geri said...

But she's just a BABY! Holy smokes!


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