Wednesday, May 25

miss pink's dance recital

Monday was the big night.
Miss Pink had her first REAL dance recital!
Her teacher let parents come in and watch around Christmas and Halloween, but Miss Pink had some stage fright and wouldn't dance.
(She smiled on those days though!)
Her teacher decided that rather than have all of the parents squeeze into her basement studio, she would have the recital for both of her classes at the local church.
Miss Pink was so SUPER excited for her recital!
I was worried that she wouldn't dance once she realized she would be on stage with lots of crazy parents snapping pictures right and left in the audience.
So I did what every good mother would do and I bribed her a few days before the recital.
I said, "Miss Pink, if you will dance during your songs, what would like to get?"
Her quick response, "Bubble gum.  The pink kind that is round."
The night of the recital she bounced all the way upstairs to get ready.
She practically jumped into her leotard.
Then we did her hair (she even wore clips), sprayed glitter all over her hair, put "diamond dust" on her cheeks, and sparkled up her lips with gloss.
We arrived at the church and her teacher had them practice.
Practice was cancelled earlier due to a funeral at the church.
Miss Pink was all smiles.
 Then it was showtime.
Miss Pink smiled and danced her heart out.
She danced beautifully.
(Every once in a while she would look at me and say, "Stop Mom!  No more pictures!")
 Miss Pink's class.
I love this picture.
So much character in those little girls!

 Miss Pink and Miss L
I am sooooo grateful that we found Miss L!
I'm also really grateful that she has decided to teach again next year.
She is amazing.
Today Miss Pink informed me that she doesn't want to do preschool next year or music class.
She just wants to DANCE.


geri said...

Pinch me. She is too cute.

mommaquincy said...

Darling girl! Great pictures!


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